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Ref-Lex focuses entirely on forming strategic partnerships that create value.

Ref-Lex is a community consist of lawyers having different professional stories. It is comprised of members with at least five years of professional and academic experience.


Ref-Lex believes that strengthening the role of lawyers in value creation processes will benefit everyone. With this belief, it aims to create new synergies and produce legal solutions, by bringing its members and its external stakeholders together.


Ref-Lex provides legal solutions for economic and social issues, including the legal problems of new business models that have emerged with the digitalization of the economy.


Founder | Ref-Lex

Addressing the challenges arising from digitalized business models and social relations is indispensable for sustainable economic development. Legal solutions and analyzes based on expertise in a single field of law are insufficient to address the challenges. Together with our members with different expertise and work experience, we are here to offer solutions for the challenges.


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