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  • Company formation transactions for enterprises and entrepreneurs, including start-ups

  • Family companies

  • General assembly and board of directors (BoD) meetings, amendments to the articles of association (AoA), capital increases, company internal directives, power of attorney (PoA) and other legal documents regarding representation

  • Employee stock option plans (ESOP)

  • Representation of both the investor and fund-receiving party during the investment process and related legal processes

  • All kinds of national and international contracts of companies in accordance with sectoral conditions and facts

  • Trademark registration and protection of trademark

  • In case of a need for company structuring abroad, determination of proper jurisdiction for structuring, collecting the necessary documents for the establishment, submitting the documents, receiving the company establishment certificate and tax identification number, in cooperation with business partners in the jurisdiction.

  • Legal transactions regarding partnership, including mergers and acquisitions, share transfer agreements, share participation agreements, shareholders agreements

  • Within the scope of a due diligence operation, examining the structure, contracts, financial status and other indicators  of the company, which is the opposite party of the merger&acquisition,  preparation of essential documents such as share transfer agreement and shareholders' agreement (SHA's) and other secondary documents between the parties after the merger&acquisition decision is taken, the management of process for the signature of the documents, the approval of the relevant administrative authorities and their registration before the trade registry office

Personal Data

  • LPPD compliance project for companies

  • Legal documents (procedures, personal data protection policy, privacy notice, consent forms and so on) related to LPPD, taking personal data inventory and conducting the registration process under VERBIS (the Data Controller’s Registry)

  • Legal assistance regarding LPPD and related regulations in the corporate governance process

  • Representation of foreign data controllers in terms of legal matters and disputes in Türkiye

  • All kinds of contracts related to LPPD and relevant legislation, including international data transfer

  • Compliance training for companies on personal data protection and privacy

  • Academic activities and training programs regarding LPPD

  • Disputes related to administrative fines imposed by the National Data Protection Authority


  • All kinds of commercial contracts such as construction (including International Federation of Consulting Engineers -FIDIC- contracts), sales (including United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods -CISG-), lease, employment, surety and guarantee contracts

  • Drafting and negotiating the contracts including the lawful application of contracts signed by enterprises operating in various sectors, including manufacturing agreements within the pharmaceutical sector, license and co-marketing contracts, warehousing contracts within the logistics sector, distributorship and franchise contracts

  • Conducting termination processes of the contracts wherever the dispute arises

  • Compensations for damages caused by failure to fulfill performance arising from contracts 

  • Risks arising from termination of labor contracts, calculations and mediation processes

  • Legal processes regarding individual labor contracts between employees and employers, including reemployment, labor claims, termination, notice

  • Collective labor contracts

Tax and Incentive

  • Tax planning structures that reduce the tax burden by benefiting from tax legislations such as exemptions, exceptions, reliefs and tax incentives 

  • Tax liability analysis, especially for cases such as projects, business models and contracts

  • Legal support to tax litigation and dispute resolution, including reconciliation and action for annulment against administrative transactions

  • All kinds of taxation processes, such as regret, error correction, structuring of public receivables, base and tax increase, stock amnesty and cash amnesty

  • Applications for KOSGEB (the Small Industry Development Center of Türkiye) and TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) incentives as well as export incentives provided by the Ministry of Commerce

  • TEKNOPARK (the Turkish Silicon Valley) project applications and acceptance processes

Real Estate

  • Disputes resolutions regarding joint ownership, easement rights, right of construction, right of pledge, land registry and condominium ownership in real estate owned by private persons or administrative bodies

  • Drafting, negotiation and implementation of lease agreements

  • Conducting processes such as follow-up at every stage until the finalization of the cases in lease disputes, non-contentious judicial proceedings at courts and detection of evidence

  • Declaratory judgment actions for determination of rent, adaptation of the rental price, removal of objection in lease disputes and eviction processes, including issues related to shopping mall lease contracts


  • All phases including procurement, contract negotiations, construction and operational phases and dispute resolution methods of infrastructure investments (energy, transportation etc.) realized within the frame of Public-Private Partnership ("PPP") and many project financing methods, especially the Build-Operate-Transfer ("BOT") model

  • Drafting and negotiation of the contracts to be concluded by the project company with administrative bodies in the projects organized within the scope of specific legislation

  • In addition to the structural modeling required for the financing of a project, inclusion of instruments such as EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) contractor, operation and maintenance companies in a project model and designing the relations of these companies amongst each other, the administrative bodies and the creditors

  • Designing the legal structure of renewable energy projects supported by mechanisms such as YEKA and YEKDEM, drafting and negotiating contracts such as project contracts to be signed with the administration and license contracts to be signed with technology providers

  • Legal assistance for electricity storage facility plannings, charging stations and similar projects and their implementation in accordance with related legislation

  • Analysis of the legal and criminal liability of the manufacturer, importer and distributor arising from artificial intelligence ("AI") products and services under Turkish and European Union legislation 


  • Legal risk analysis and legal risk report drafts for essential processes such as mergers & acquisitions or a company in a specific time in order to prevent possible losses, including examination of various parameters such as the current structure of the company, its partnerships, past and present contracts concluded by the company, and liabilities in the short, medium and long terms

  • Analysis and evaluation of the general legal compliance status of companies within the framework of relevant legislation


  • Providing a legal service as an arbitrator in national and international arbitration and representation of parties throughout all stages of the arbitration proceedings, starting with preparing the domestic and international ad hoc arbitration clause and determining the rules to be applied to the arbitration proceedings.

  • Acting as a mediator and conciliator in alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and conciliation

  • Dispute resolutions such as lease disputes, especially commercial disputes, cancellation of objection and other lawsuits, uncontested judicial works, detection of evidence

  • Action for annulment and full remedy litigation against all kinds of administrative actions, including tax assessment and tax penalty

  • Litigation related to termination of employment contract in terms of making redundant or resignation

  • Consumer arbitration committee applications, enforcement proceedings the action for the annulment of the objection, the fulfillment of the consumer's request and the collection of attorney's fees

  • Litigation management of the criminal proceedings such as investigation and prosecution stages and providing expert opinion and risk assessment on criminal law disputes

  • Organizing administrative and judicial processes related to the crime of pollution caused by construction

  • Crimes such as violation of the confidentiality of communication, eavesdropping and recording of conversations between persons; violation of privacy; recording personal data; transfer, dissemination or seizure of personal data; omission to the destruction of data; information disorder; defamation; defamation of the president; forgery; fraud; threat and blackmail 

  • Organized crimes

  • Tax fraud within the scope of the Turkish Tax Procedure Law, information disorder within the scope of the Turkish Capital Market Law

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